Sunday, March 03, 2013

Gel Nail Kit from Sephora

So my birthday passed not too long ago (Jan. 25) and I received a gel nail kit as a gift from one of my girlfriends. Now let me tell you that I've only gotten gel done once and never again after that because it ruined my nails. It made it super weak so I had to keep it real short for months. I'm sure if I went back to get it removed by a professional it would've been a different story but I decided to TRY to take it off myself and ended up filing some of it off. It was just too much so I never wanted to get it done again. But I was super excited to try this out!!

The kit only comes one with gel polish but she got me an extra one.

I love how gel nails look and how long it lasts. And I really like this blue. The kit comes with everything shown in the picture minus the extra bottle of polish. It was super easy to use and super fast.
Mine only lasted a week and a half because the sides started to lift so I ended up just peeling everything off. The trick is to make sure you do a thin coat on the sides and make sure to cover the front edge of the nail too.
Can't wait to test out the other color in grey!! 

I have a nail polish addiction--it's a huge problem for me haha. I can't stop buying them so my collection keeps growing! I need help!
Here are some pictures of my updated collection.

And as if I don't already have too much I ended up buying more!

From the new Euro collection

The Great OZ collection

I can't wait to try out the new colors!! 

The End! :)

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