Monday, February 11, 2013

Parisian Bridal Shower [WARNING: PICTURE OVERLOAD]

I'm a little's been 3 months since me and the other bridesmaid planned and put together a bridal shower for my bestie. We did a Parisian themed shower and I never knew how much work goes into planning one. We planned for it monthssss in advance and we still weren't ready a month prior to the date. But in the end we did it! Even the day of, we were nonstop working from early morning until 2pm when the shower started. But I'm so proud of us and how everything looked in the end.

[mini cheesecake and brie puffs]

[stuffed mushrooms]

[garlic beef bruschetta]

[mini bite size cupcakes]


[beautiful cake we ordered]



[poms one of the bridesmaid made]

[love how everything turned out!]

[favor boxes I handpainted and glued on the C's for Chanel]

[fruit parfait]

[name tags for each flutes and wine glasses]

[chicken puffs]

[dried meats and cheese]

[mini tomato goat cheese tarts and garlic herb smoked salmon on top of cucumber]

[drinks and dessert table]

[favors for each guests: heart shaped measuring spoons and eiffel tower wine stopped]

[corset invitations I handmade for the shower]

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures! :) 

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