Monday, August 29, 2011

Coastal Scents 88 Original Color Palette

Hey guys so hurricane Irene is coming and despite the bad weather I received a fedex package today! The box was in a clear plastic bag so it wouldn't get wet. So what did I get? My coastal scents order yay! I'm actually really shocked at how fast they shipped it--I ordered it 3 days ago and received it today! I never received an order that fast from other companies so I give 2 thumbs up for their fast delivery! I ordered their 88 original color eyeshadow palette--isn't it so pretty? I have so many palettes but I keep ordering more to do reviews for you guys! This was bought with my own money--it wasn't given to me by them. If a company sends me stuff I'll state it on here. So I wanted to do a comparison between coastal scents and bh cosmetics. I heard somewhere that they get their products from the same place so I wanted to see how similar the two were. I did some swatches of each--the top row is bh cosmetics and the bottom is coastal scents. I found that coastal scents seem a little more pigmented and has less fall out. I used q-tips for the swatches and did couple swipes for each color and you can see that the bottom black is darker than the top one. I also like that both palettes comes with a mirror but the coastal scents one also comes with 2 double sided sponge-tipped brushes. I think the bh cosmetics 88 palette comes the same way. The CS one is on sale for $12.31 on their website right now and the one similar on BH is on sale for $15.16. Both prices are an amazing deal for a 88 color palette--this is a great one to use if you're just starting as a make-up artist or if you're new to make-up. It has your neutrals, browns, smokey and even bright colors to give your look a pop.


Anonymous said...

insane palette!!! so many colours!!! need to get myself one of these!

Unknown said...

I love the colours they look very pigmented! :)

Raindrops of Red said...

wow, love that palette.. gosh, its awesome :)


Tanya said...

Arrow, Pyari beauty, Raindrops of Red: You guys should def get one! You wouldn't really need any other palette except for maybe a neutral one.