Friday, September 06, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Shopping Haul

Hey guys, it's been awhile huh? Since all I do is work work work now I hardly have any time to blog--kind of sucks. I barely have any time to do anything now =/ I work, work out and stay home--growing up kind of sucks. I think I have an online shopping addiction hehe--when work is slow I sit on my tablet and just shop. I love receiving packages in the mail and I think I receive one almost every week now. :) Honestly I hate the mall--hate the digging and having to walk to this store to that store when you can just go online and just click click click so simple and easy. Well here are some items I purchased over the Labor Day Weekend--I still have few more packages I'm waiting on so when they come in I'll update my post.

*Pictures taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 2*

I love shoes, can you tell? 

I'm also shopping for my vegas trip end of this month so looking for a lot of shoes, dresses and shorts :)

See YA!

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