Friday, March 02, 2012

[haul] walgreens//target//homegoods

It's day 4 since I got 3 of my wisdom teeth pulled and I've been doing nothing but staying home and wishing I could eat that and that and that. *sigh* I'm such a fatty! My girlfriend made me some vietnamese porridge the other day so I've been eating that the past 2 days. So yummy!

I've also been eating some Godiva Chocolate my mama gave me for valentine's day :p I don't really eat a lot of candy but I have such a weakness for chocolate and it has to be GOOD chocolate. 
I think everything's healing pretty well so far so hopefully I can start eating real food again--real soon!!

After staying home all day yesterday I stepped out today to run some errands. I had to go to the bank, post office to ship out a surprise package for a friend (shhh can't say the name because I'm surprising her hehe) and needed some cotton pads. I stopped by walgreens and picked up some Sinful Colors nail polish and EOS lip balms. 

I've never used either but the Sinful Colors nail polish are $1.99 so I just picked up couple to try out. Also the EOS lip balms are 2/$6 so just grabbed two. I always wanted to try the lip balms because people rave about how good this thing is. I haven't tried it out yet but when I do I'll let you guys know what I think. I tried out one of the nail polish "happy ending" and for the price it's not bad! It's a little watery so I had to do 3 coats to make it opaque but the colors great and it just gives me more reasons to go out and get more! :) 

Next I went to Target to pick up cotton pads and just walked around to browse a little. I picked up this cute 2 pieces yellow waffle towels (I'm going to take it to my bf's and hang it up on the oven handle hehe), 6 ELF   false lashes (they're only $1 each), 2 Mossimo tops and a NYC liquid lip shine.

Color: Nude York City
I already own one that I received from Influenster  in the last VoxBox that I got and I love this lip gloss. It's sheer so there's only a tiny bit of color that goes on, it smells great, and it's not too sticky. 

The top doesn't look too pretty on the hanger but I promise you that it's actually cute when you wear it. Stripes always catches my eye and I love this color so I tried it on and it fits pretty well. I picked a Large because I wanted it to be a loose fit and it doesn't look extremely big on me. It's thin and a little sheer so you can wear a tank top underneath but it's great for the spring. 

I love grey/white stripes so had to get it in this color too :)

Before I headed to the Post Office I stopped by HomeGoods and I love that store. You can find great things for amazing price there. I really didn't need anything when I walked in but just browsed around and I walked out with 2 items. I saw this cute little mini note set in a tiny paint can container and had to get it. I love getting stationaries there.

I would say the cards are probably like 3x3. So cute!

I also picked up this zebra print organizer thing. 

How cute is that? I love it! My nightstand next to my bed is always so messy with papers and bills so now I can organize them in this! 

Whew! This is a long post haha. But I am doing more posts YAY! I hope I can keep this up so you guys have something to read when your bored :p Well I am exhausted and need to go rest my eyes now. Goodnight and love you guys <3

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