Thursday, March 01, 2012

Creation Recreation

I am obsessed with shoes--a girl can never have enough shoes! I would love to have a closet full of shoes like Mariah Carey or any other big celebrities out there but I can't. I can slowly start my way up hoping one day I can have a closet full of them hehe :) You know how they say accessories can put an oufit together? Well so can shoes that's why I try to have different varieties in color, shape, and material. I use to be such a club whore so I would go out and buy heels all the time but now that I retired I don't really wear them as much. I think I actually forgot how to walk in them haha. It's been all about comfort for me lately so I've been just looking at sneakers. One day I went over to my big bro's place and noticed a pair of shoes while I was taking off mine. I fell in love with them right away and had to get a pair. I've never heard of the brand before--Creation Recreation. But I mentioned to him how I like his shoes and asked him where he got them. So he asked if I wanted a pair and I said "YES" right away and he offered to get it for me. What an awesome bro I have!
He originally bought me the GS CESARIO SHINY HERRINGBONE SMOKE in kids size but it was a little tight so I sent it back to exchange it for a different size.

Well they sold out of the size that I needed so I had to pick a different one and it took me a while to pick a different one because I didn't want a different style and I really liked the colors on this one. But after looking at the kids section on the past styles for a good 5 minutes I decided to go with The Grade School Cesario Charcoal--a black and blue one. 

The style is a little different from the first one but I actually like this one better. I received it the other day and tried it on and I love it! The colors are dark but I think I can wear it with a lot of outfits. 

They're a 5.5 in kids :) Yeah I have small feet hehe.

Thank You Big Bro <3

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