Tuesday, March 06, 2012

My February Instagram

Just a quick update on the month of February in Instagram. 
I am addicted to IG~!! I've been doing a lot of their monthly photo a day challenges because I've been slacking on picture updates so this way I can upload a new pic everyday. I've neglected FB (well fb is so boring now I rarely check it), Twitter, and my blog because IG has taken over my life haha. 
I've also been downloading so many photo apps so I can get better at editing pictures on my iPhone. My March Instagram update should look a lot better :)

Holding hands//homemade sandwich//hello kitty candy//breakfast
self portrait//Min and I//Pho//Julep Maven
V-day flowers//New ring//V-day dinner//Dinner with girls
Mini Cupcakes//My get ready room//cute cupcakes nails//Aquarium

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