Saturday, February 25, 2012

My very first JewelMint Item

I've been seeing A LOT of posts and giveaways on JewelMint items and I wasn't really completely impressed at first because I'm not a HUGE jewelry person. I only like stud earrings and rarely ever wear necklaces but I do love bracelets and rings. I haven't bought jewelry in a long time and I've been really into purchasing rings again. This is one of my favorites at the moment.....

....and guess where it's from? Forever 21. So for like $5 you can go get yourself this gorgeous ring. I also bought another ring similar to this one from F21 but haven't worn it yet. When I do I'll post up a picture.

So about 2 weeks ago I received an e-mail to receive 60% or was it 70% I forget but I was able to get more than 50% off for my first purchase! How can I let this amazing deal go? Original price for a JewelMint item $29.99--I just couldn't get myself to pay that amount so when I received this e-mail I was pretty excited to be able to make my very first purchase with them. I couldn't decide between these two rings but I went with the YVES RINGS.

How cute is this?? I also fell in love because of what each ring symbolizes.
"Our mixed oxidized brass and silver rings each symbolize the lock of love, the keys to your heart, and the keyhole on the door to your dreams. These treasures, whether worn stacked or individually, unlock your style potential. This ring is not adjustable."

Overall I was happy with my purchase and will probably buy something else from them in the future. I have my eyes on the moonbeam ring at the moment :)