Monday, October 24, 2011

Urban Decay Haul

If you guys remember back in early September I had another Urban Decay Haul post and I mentioned that they didn't have some items that I ordered so they gave me a $20 coupon code. The code was expiring October 31 so I needed to use it quick before I forget--I always forget to use coupons before it expires. I never tried the UD potion primer so this was the perfect opportunity to test it out. I've heard so many great things about this primer so I was pretty excited to try it out. I have very oily skin so my eyelids tend to turn into a grease pan and shadows start to crease if I wear my makeup all day. I was happy to see that their new primer in a tube is $19 so I went ahead and entered the code but an error kept coming up. After several attempts I got frustrated so I left it alone to try again the next day. Same problem the next day--it says to call customer service so I did and the lady said that you have to have at least $20 in the cart for the code to work. So I picked a loose pigment for $1 and it still wouldn't work. At this time I am getting pretty irritated thinking that they gave me an invalid code but I added another loose pigment so it's a total of $21 and it finally went through!! I'm not happy with this because it was their mistake that items were sold out when I made the order so I shouldn't have to pay a single cent. I was only charged $1.05 for one loose pigment plus tax--shipping was free--but don't you think I should have been able to just order $20 worth and pay absolutely nothing?? Eh whatever...I just let it go.

It came with a free sample sized lipstick--it's so tiny it's cute. Smaller than my pinky finger.

Got 2 of the same color cuz that was the only color left in the sale section

I got the primer in original but it comes in 3 other colors Eden, Greed and Sin. I love that it's in a tube because I didn't hear too great things about the original packaging. It's only $1 difference--$19 for the tube and $18 for the bottle. Also the tube is a teeny bit bigger than the bottle. 
I like the color of the pigment a lot. Green is my favorite color and I love how it's a dark olive green so I can use it for a smokey look and I can wet an angled brush and use it as a liner. 


Jen said...

great haul~ Sucks to hear they an out of the items you ordered and ended up making you spend an extra $1.05 on top of that coupon.. i agree, you shouldnt need to spend extra when it's not your fault. I love the colours though & at least what you got was cheap? :3

Annie♔Lovely said...

I Need To ReStock On The UD Primer; Deff Gettin The Tube Next Tho; Hopefully Its Better Than The Bottle. Buttt Yeahh Sucks You Had To Pay Extra Tho; >.<

Tanya said...

Yeah it does suck but at least it was only $1.05 :) if there weren't any items for $1 I would've called to complain.

тainтed мeмories. said...

love the colours! x