Monday, May 23, 2011

Spa World

Just got back from Spa World in Centreville, VA with my mama. I feel so fresh and so clean! Spa World is a Korean Bath House. You first walk in and pay $30-$35 (I used my groupon voucher today) and you will receive the number to your locker. You find your locker in the lobby area first and put your shoes in there then you walk to the women's locker room. You take your clothes off -- yes, you get butt naked haha then you go into the bade pool area where you shower first then you have the option to go into the bade pool, Ice bath, Dry Sauna, Steam sauna, and 2 Hot Tubs. After the pool you put on the orange jumpsuits they provide and go into the co-ed common area with an eatery and 7 poultice rooms (Amethyst Gem, Red Clay, Blue Onyx, Ice, Charcoal, Red Clay Ball and Salt Room). All but the Ice Room are pretty hot and I don't do too well with heat so the most I could stay in each room was 10-15 minutes but even then you'll be sweating like crazy. There's huge mats everywhere so you can  just sit or lay down and just chill -- they also have free wifi. We put our names down for a scrub + massage at 3pm so we just lounged around, ate and sweated balls. The scrub and massage is no joke! These ladies will scrub you down and all the dead skin will come off leaving you with super soft skin. They massage you with oil and put a cucumber mask on your face. It was a little painful on some parts of my back because of my knots but it was relaxing at the same time. Altogether it was for an hour and I felt so great afterwards. I can't wait to go again :)

Pictures taken from Spa World's website


Annie♔Lovely said...

I Dont Think
Id Be Able To Leave The Place :)
lol Looks Like Wonderland! <3

Tanya said...

beautyymonsterr: haha I was there for 7 hours. It's 24/7 so some people stay all day and night.