Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stephanie Johnson Cosmetic Bags Review & 300+ Follower's Giveaway!!

3 weeks ago I won Bella's Beauty Spot's Giveaway for Stephanie Johnson's Cosmetic Bags! I received the Rodeo Drive Gold Essential Collection and I'm not too much of a gold person but I actually like the color of the bags. I received two bags--KATIE Folding Clutch and LAURA large trapezoid.

The KATIE opens up to 2 clear zip pockets which can carry your makeup, jewelry, and etc--It's great for traveling.

The LAURA is bigger and is one big pocket so it can hold a lot more stuff. I already used mine to carry my skincare and face products back and forth from Maryland to Virginia. It can definitely hold a lot more than the bag I use to use so that's a big plus for me!

I am happy with both of them--I love all kinds of bags so I can't complain :)


I wanted to do this giveaway when I reached 300 but that came quick! I never thought I would even reach 300 followers but I did and I am very thankful to all that made it happen. You guys make blogging more fun for me :) 

I did a quick post on the NYX haul and Urban Decay haul over a month ago and I bought these for you guys!! Everything in the picture was bought with my own money. 

I will be picking 3 WINNERS for this giveaway.

First winner will win the Urban Decay eyeshadows and loose pigments
Loose Pigments: goddess, asphyxia, X, protest, shattered, smog, rockstar, and gunmetal
Eyeshadows: narcotic, electric, chronic and purple haze
and I'll be sending the sample cream highlighter that they sent with all of these. 

Second winner will get the NYX cosmetics
Glitter Cream Pallet, Fabulous Lashes, Triple shadows in Frosted Flake/Slate/Luster, frosted pink lipstick, glitter gel, candy glitter liner, auto eye pencil in black,  lip lacquer pot in coffee run, and sparkling glitter powder.

Third winner will get the China Glaze crackle set. (I will be picking only US residents for this item because it's illegal to ship nail polish internationally--sorry)


*The only mandatory requirement is to follow via GFC or Blogger. I've had people in the past giveaways who didn't do this so I had to pick a new winner. OH ALSO please state yes or no if you're an US Resident.
*Everything else is for extra entries. Please fill out the form once
*This giveaway is internationally but I'll be picking an US resident for the China Glaze set. 
*This giveaway will end exactly in 4 weeks on November 15, 2011. 
UPDATE: Please read ALL the rules!!! You have to fill out the form instead of commenting. You can only fill out each entry ONCE so please make sure you read the "instructions" before. I keep getting entries where people don't enter their GFC  or blogger name and don't answer "yes or no" to the US resident question. These two are Mandatory in order to enter! If you don't follow all the rules and fill out the form correctly, you DON'T qualify--so if I end up picking your name I'll have to pick another winner because you didn't follow the directions.


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