Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Red Red Red--it IS the new fall hair color

Red is definitely "IN" for the Fall/Winter season. I've been doing so much red on my clients recently it's ridiculous. Most of my girlfriends have been doing it for awhile now but more and more people wants it. I mean even I did it! haha.
So I've been doing Julie's hair for quite some time now and this girl can not make up her mind. She use to have chunks of purple peekaboos and then she had blonde then she decided to go all dark then she wanted blonde again then she went dark then she wanted red. Yeah her hair is in bad condition and I keep telling her to stop changing it so much--instead stay with one thing for awhile. But she doesn't listen haha. Last time I added more chunkier pieces of red but red always fade the fastest but it's the hardest color to get out. So she came in with orange-y chunks--YUCK! I think orange is such an ugly color for hair! I just added some red-violet to it and now she's all ready for fall. Well she'll be back in couple months to freshen it up again :)


Jen said...

That's such a lovely colour~ I've never really been a fan of red hair (ever since someone called me "period hair" - immature right?)Seeing this post makes me want to get my hair done red now! You're so inspiring ^^~

Tanya said...

Jen: don't let others stop you from doing what you want to do. There's always going to be immature rude people in the world. I just did red myself :) it's such a fun bold color. If you don't want something so bold n bright you should try going for a darker redviolet.