Sunday, August 14, 2011

[review] Nail Stamps & Nail Foil Stickers

Born Pretty Store has a lot of nail art products, cosmetics, hair stuff, and contact lens. Their prices are very affordable so anyone can purchase their products. They recently sent me these french nails stamping kit.

I've never tried nail stamping so I was real excited to test it out.

First I painted my nails with OPI skulls and glossbones from The Pirates of the Caribbean Collection.

I went with black because I tried it out with a pink and a purple first but it didn't come out well. I'm thinking maybe I need to use a different kind of polish?

You want to cover the design you want with the polish pretty generously.

Then you scrape the excess polish away with the scraper.

Using the stamper you just stamp the design and then stamp it onto your nails.

I also got this plate awhile back through one of their giveaways. 
I <3 Hello Kitty

To clean off the plate, stamper and scraper just use a cottonball with acetone. 

Another one I received through a Facebook giveaway. Nail Foil Stickers. This was a lot harder then I expected. I don't know if its just my nails but it doesn't stay on too well. And having to cut the excess part around the nails was a little annoying.
To get rid of the excess part that goes beyond the nail just file it off going in a downward motion.

Overall I thought both of these products were okay. It was hard to get the whole design onto the stamper and they dry real fast so you have to kind of work fast. I don't know if I'll use the french nail ones again but I would definitely use the other one for a cute design on couple of my nails. As for the nail stickers, maybe it's the design of it but I'm not too happy with it. I'll try it out with a different one next time but I would definitely do this again. I hate waiting for my nails to dry so I always end up messing them up. 


Anonymous said...

I seriously had trouble with both the stamping and the stickers! They make it look so easy at mall stands lol. Supposedly the stamping works way better with the special polish but I haven't tried it yet.

Tanya said...

Yeah I had trouble with both too. I ended up peeling the stickers off the next day cuz it wouldnt stay on haha.