Monday, April 28, 2014

[Drugstore] Prime, Conceal, and Lip

Drugstore brands have come a long way from when I first used them. When I was young and didn't know any better that's all I used and I remember it being super cakey and broke me out. All lip products I used were super sticky and fruity smelling. And primer? That was unheard of. I remember having no idea how to apply makeup or any knowledge on products--leaving me with crazy raccoon eyes and cakey face. Also, remember the eyebrow trend back then? The pencil thin brows--I went a little tweeze crazy and literally had uneven lines on top of my eyes LOL. So glad my eyebrows were able to grow back out from over-tweezing them. Anyways, I'm going off topic now but I decided to pick up few items from CVS not too long ago. I was running low on primer so wanted to give a drugstore brand a try and while I was there I picked up a dark spot eraser and another Maybelline Elixir.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser: I must say I am pretty impressed with this product. I didn't know what to expect because I haven't used a drugstore product in so long. This gel silicone textured primer goes on like silk on your skin and keeps my makeup on throughout the day. My BB Cream/Foundation glides on smoothly. Plus the packaging is so cute--so easy to carry around in my small makeup bag. It doesn't keep my face matte for too long but I have this problem with every primer I've tried--I have super oily skin. This is a great alternative when you don't want to spend too much. 

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Spot Treatment Corrector: I got this in the color Light Pale and it matches almost perfectly to my skin color. I don't think I ever had a concealer or foundation match exactly to my skin so I was kind of excited when it just blended right in. You kind of have to just guess when you buy drugstore concealers and foundations because there's no testers out for you to try. I love that it comes with a built-in sponge tip. You have to work a little fast with this because it sets pretty quickly and once it's set it's hard to blend out. Also make sure to really moisturize your face because it can look dry and cakey when your skin is too dry. I dab it on my dark spots and blemishes and use my fingers to blend it out. It contains Goji Berry and Vitamin C which will help lighten up dark spots and any hyper-pigmentation. For the price I must say it's a pretty nice concealer and I will be repurchasing this. 

Maybelline Elixir 030 Raspberry Rhapsody: I love my other two Elixirs so picked up another color. I never tried purple before so wanted to give it a shot. Let's just hope it looks good on me. 

I am happy with these purchases and can't wait to go back to pick up some more items. 

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