Monday, January 13, 2014

Small Haul: Target Christmas Clearance

Hey loves, this post was suppose to go up last week but I've been sick for a week now and I am finally feeling somewhat normal again. The cold/flu or whatever bug I have is still there but I think it's 85% gone now. We've been having some crazy weather here in the east coast so if you live in the same coast make sure to dress warmly and take your vitamins!

This haul is a little different than my usual beauty/fashion hauls but I wanted to show you anyways. I always walk into Target thinking I'm going to pick up the items I need and walk out with just those but that's not the case. I always somehow manage to walk out with a bunch of stuff I don't need. This last trip was no different--I only needed body wash and rubbing alcohol but I wanted to walk around and see if there was anything else I needed. Well I ended up in the Christmas clearance section that was almost completely wiped out and picked up a few items. If you love gift wrapping like me then after the holiday clearance sales is the best time to stock up on these for next year. 

The only two items I thought I was walking out with. 

I love the premium gift wrapping papers but it can get pricey. It retails for $5 but I got both for $3! And the neon colors makes me happy :)

I think this retails for $3 but got it for $0.90

Retail price for both is $9 but got both of these for $2.70. I love collecting ribbons because I can always use them for a craft project in the future. 

I was very excited to get these! I've been seeing them a lot on craft blogs and organization blogs. They are the Scotch Washi Tapes. They can be used for pretty much anything--crafting, decorating, revamping an old phone case, covering up an ugly notebook cover, etc. I just never could justify myself to pay $2.99 for these tiny things but I was in luck. The "Christmas" washi tapes were on clearance for $0.89!! That's a deal! There are so many other pretty ones but they weren't on sale =/ I can't wait to use them and show you guys!!
Click HERE to see some ideas.

Another one of my favorite purchase from this trip is my new Mason Tumbler! This wasn't on sale but I've had my eye on this for awhile now so just spent the $10. 

That is all, goodbye loves.
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