Friday, November 02, 2012

Halloweenie Weekend

How was everyone's Halloween weekend? I originally didn't plan to go out because it's always packed everywhere on Halloween but after talking to my friends the night before.. they were all planning on going to the same place so I said what the heck why not? I haven't been out in awhile so changed my mind last minute which resulted in no costume!

So Saturday morning I worked until 1pm and then I ran around frantically trying to find stuff for my costume. At this point I decided to be super woman. After about 3 hours I got everything that I needed and went home to make the "S" to put on my "top". Well who knew that duck tape would be so difficult to work with?! I was so wired and jittery by this point because I hardly ate anything all day and my head was everywhere. I was signed up to do The 5K Glow Run that evening at 7PM but I had to get there 5:30-6pm to pick up my packet. Well it was about 5:45 when I looked at the clock and I jumped like "OH CRAP!" I changed and rushed out of the house and sped like a crazy race driver (please never speed everyone!) which is extremely dangerous but I didn't want to miss the run. After parking I met up my friends at about 6:50pm...YES I barely made it :) My friends decided to walk/jog but I didn't have enough time because I had to rush home to get ready to go out afterwards and also because I wanted to push myself. I use to hate running and I'm still getting the hang of it but I'm getting better slowly. So me and this other guy we decided to run it and 5K is about 3.5miles and I looked at my nike tracking app at 3miles and I did it in 33mins! I am sooooooo damn proud of myself! I was doing 25mins 2 miles before that day. Now I wanna do more marathons and keep pushing myself....I want to get to 3miles in 20mins.

My gf and I before the run. 

Afterwards I ended up at The Park in DC. It was sooooo packed..could hardly move. 

Well here's my costume of the night.

LoL I ended up with a chain and glasses at the end of the night.

Hope everyone is okay from hurricane Sandy!!! Stay warm my east's getting a little chilly!

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