Monday, May 14, 2012

March and April Instagram

A little bit of my life the past 2 months.

in the subway in NY//at a korean cafe in NY//one of my favorite korean stew gamjatang//the best oysters in NY ever//my favorite wine//love them//morning after a long night of drinking//my lover//chicken and rice//my nephew gunner//hello kitty nails//green tea frapp//sullungtang//rainy day//burlesque/moulin rouge restaurant lounge//Min's birthday dinner//hot n juicy crawfish//din din and movie date with gf//DIY clay mask//red lips//sparkle//waiting in the car//lipgloss//eyes//more nail polish

my favorite cottage cheese snack//best ramen around the area//toki underground//love pita chips and cava harissa//new ring//love this crazy girl//mm more oysters//natural//happy birthday barks//helen//janey//annie's bridal shower//just chilling on a sunny day//grace's wedding day//known this girl forever//self shot//she loves me//red stripe//mmmmm crab benedict//love her!//new and old friends//fudge sundae//love her//more oysters haha//me 

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