Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday

My birthday just passed on the 25th and I didn't do much. I wasn't even in the mood to do anything this year. Just wanted to eat dinner with my girls n bf. So the weekend before my bday I had dinner with my two girls at Sweet Ginger and had some sushi and sake. 

My girl Jenny bought me a bunch of HK socks cuz I needed some, a HK doll, a HK cosmetic bag and a back stretcher thing (not pictured).

Us at Sweet Ginger

Then we went back to Jenny's place and drank wine. That's gunner her cute lil booger :) 

Us being drunk and dorky

The day after I had thai food with Jenny--Drunken noodles mmmmm

Kimmai totally surprised me! She got my bf's addy and sent me edible arrangements and a cupcake flower! How sweet is she?! Did not expect this at all!!

Bf surprised me with the Flowerbomb gift set! I am VERY picky with my perfumes! That's why I only stick to the 3 that I use--Marc Jacob Daisy, Miss Dior Cherie, and D&G Light Blue. FLowerbomb was one that I've wanted so he did a GREAT JOB! <3 

Had dinner with the bf and my girl Min. Crabcake mmmmm

The view from our table--Baltimore

Min made me some miyukgook--it's a korean tradition to eat this on your birthday and since I didn't get any she made some and brought it over to my house!! I have the greatest friends ever--so blessed to have these people in my life <3

Another gf of mine bought me dinner. This was so damn good I am drooling right now!

And she got me a HK lunchbox with a bunch of goodies inside!! <3

My sister got me Georgetown Cupcakes with my initials on them !!! :)

Even though I didn't do much this year it was a very good birthday because I spent it with people I care about the most! I couldnt be more happier and blessed with the people surrounding me and my family of course! <3

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