Monday, December 05, 2011

[Review & Swatches] Ruby Kisses Cosmetics **PIC HEAVY**

Ruby Kisses Cosmetics sent me a box FULL of goodies about a week ago and I did a video of me opening the box and introducing each item I received. 

I also did a post introducing the company a little HERE and where you can purchase them. 

After receiving the box I started using their makeup the day after and I am really surprised with the quality. I've been using the Laura Mercier Powder/Foundation and Jane Iredale PurePressed Powder for years now and I like the Laural Mercier better but I switch back and forth sometimes. Well I've been meaning to buy a new one because I'm running out and then I receive the amazing package from Ruby Kisses--perfect timing! So I've been using their no more blemish powder and I LOVE it! It's very matte and keeps my face from getting oily. It also comes with this super soft puff that feels so nice on your skin. It goes on my skin like silk. The only problem is that they sent me 2 different colors--I think they only have these two right now so both of them are dark on me. I've been using the Golden Glow and I use it like a bronzer--can't put it all over my face because I just look so dirty and the color of my neck and face are completely off haha. But the coverage is great and it doesn't feel too heavy. 

Now another one of my favorites is their pencil eyeliner. I have really oily skin so I've tried all different types of pencil liners and none of them ever stays on my eyes--I just end up looking like a raccoon. So at first I wasn't expecting much from it--thought it'll be just like any other pencils out there but I wanted to give it a try so I can do a review on it. I am SO glad I tried it before my sister took it because it is now my everyday liner! It stays on my eyes all day! I once wore it from 8am-10pm and it was still on--it was a lil shiny from the oil but it didn't smear or smudge. I am so amazed by this product. They gave me 5 different colors too! I only like to wear black but I'll be using the other colors to line under my eyes or to highlight the inner corners or whatever. 

After how well the pencil stayed on I thought the liquid liner would be like the MAC Liquid Last but I was wrong. I tried it on today and the colors are pretty and it goes on nicely but I can tell if I layer it on it'll flake. I just tried it on so I don't know how well it'll last but when I did all the swatches on my arm, the liquid liner came off so easily with makeup remover wipes while the pencil and gel was so hard--I had to scrub it off. Guess I'll stick with MAC's because that thing does not come off!

Next to the pencil liners the Gel Liners are my other favorite! I've been using MAC's blacktrack forever now and it's nice to wear when I don't want to wear liquid but it smudges easily. When I wear it on the bottom it runs a little so I have raccoon eyes (this is one of my biggest problems!). Well I tried the black gel on today and I love it! It stays put and doesn't smear or smudge and it doesnt run! Everything that I ever wanted!! I will probably be using this when I go out now instead of Mac's liquid. I love how they sent me so many different colors!!

When I touch the brush it feels flimsy but I used it to apply gel liner today and it gives me control unlike my flat top brush I've been using. I can get into the inner corner of my eyes better. 

I only tried the black one and it's okay. The brush is a little hard so kind of hard to apply. I only applied two coats and it was so shiny that I didn't need a top coat--well I should've because it started to chip the day after. It's not the worst but not the best--it's so-so. I will still use them but I prefer my OPI and China Glaze.

Eyeshadow Primer--it looks like the UD potion and I recently purchased the UD one so I had to compare the two. 

UD is on the left and RK is on the right.
UD is thicker than RK and the color is a lil darker. Ruby Kisses primer also absorbs faster into the skin and is very light whereas Urban Decay Potion is a little bit heavier than RK and it doesn't absorb as fast--leaving that silicony...a little wet feeling. I prefer the Ruby Kisses one but I'll probably alternate the two--can't waste any. 

The shadows have a soft silky texture--doesn't have a lot of fall outs. I found that it's easier to use my fingers than a brush. Not a lot of product gets on the brush so I have to keep applying. It's pretty pigmented if you use a primer first. 

Peppermint lipgloss with aloe vera and vitamin E. It has that cool feeling because of the peppermint. It's not super glossy like some of my other lipglosses but I like this one because it's not sticky and it's moisturizing. 

I can't really say much about this mascara yet because I only tried it once today with false lashes so I don't know how well it'll hold up the curl on my super straight lashes. I'll try this another time when I'm not wearing falsies. I do like the brush on this tho.

This eyelash glue dries pretty quickly so there's no need to fan or blow at the lashes so the glue will get tacky. In about couple seconds it'll start to dry so you can apply it in like 5 seconds. When I use the DUO I literally sit there blowing at it and fanning it for a minute so this is nice to have--it'll save me a little time. I also like that it's jet black and it blends in with my liner so well that I don't have to apply eyeliner on top of the glue. 

I used the second on the left today and it's a pretty dramatic than what I'm use to so I would have to wear it to an event. I haven't opened up the other ones yet but this band is soft so you can easily bend it to your eye shape and also the hairs on these are super soft!! It feels like real human lashes. It's made of remy hair so it's silky and shiny. I can't wait to try the other ones now. 

The lashes are from a line called iEnvy by Kiss and it is targeted for pro to experienced lash wearers. They also have another line of lashes Kiss Premium Lashes and those are more for beginners. 

WHEW! Finally done haha. That was a lot to cover but I wanted to try out each of the products so I can give my honest opinions on each one. I really didn't know what to expect from this company since I never heard of it or tried any of their stuff. But I am more than satisfied--not just because I received all these items but by the quality of their cosmetics. Another great thing to know is the price range is from $1.99-$5.99. How awesome is that?? 

Everything I am wearing is by Ruby Kisses except for Missha BB Cream, Jane Iredale Concealer, and eyebrow shadow.

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