Sunday, December 18, 2011

Giveaway winners

OMG I am horrible. It's been a week and a half since my giveaway ended and I haven't posted up the winners yet. I am truly sorry for taking so long--with Christmas and New Years coming up, I just have so many things to do! I still have to finish my xmas shopping and also need to help a friend with buying decorating supplies for the New Years Party. I usually stay home for New Years because I just grew out of the whole partying scene and I love spending time in my PJs counting down to the New Year---lame? hahaha. Well I use to be into getting all dolled up and paying an expensive ticket to a hotel party or a ridiculous amount to get inside a club but it just all seems like a waste to me. You spend all this money on a dress, shoes, accessories, tickets/entrance only to get wasted with a whole bunch of strangers around you except the few close friends you'll have with you all night. So I stopped going to all that and plus I'm not into clubbing no more. This year my good friends are throwing a small party at a club house in the condo building. They're renting the space out from 8:30-1am (they won't let us use the space past that) so everyone's paying $55 for the drinks and catered foods. Counting down the last day of the year and ringing in the new year with just close friends while raising our glass of champagne and yelling "HAPPY NEW YEAR" with good food sounds like my kind of a night :) So me and this other girl are in charge of decorating the place and we haven't even started lol. I'm going to start looking online for some ideas soon--like today! I'll be going over to the building tomorrow to help the friend who just moved back in there set up his furnitures so I'll take a look at the space to see how much stuff we need to get.

I still can not believe this year is ending! It flew by in a blink of an eye. I hope 2012 slows down a bit because at this rate I'll be 50. I will also make a lot more effort to update my blog and do more fun giveaways!

Here are the winners:

*Bebe Lee
*Isabel Almeida
*Jenny Chin
*Jennifer Huang

I have already sent out e-mails to all 5 of you. If you haven't won yet please don't get discouraged--I'll have a lot more giveaways in the future :) Thank you everyone for entering and supporting my blog! I love you all<3<3<3

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