Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Cold.....time to bundle up!

The winter has come which means time to pull out your thickest jackets/coats, put on them gloves and scarves and layer up. I have a love hate relationship with summer and winter. I HATE getting hot and cold. I hate sweating in the summer and you can only wear so little clothing--if I could I would probably walk around naked! haha. Only thing I like about summer is the beach besides that I absolutely hate it! Winter is just too freaking cold!! I hate layering up--can't breathe under all that ya know? I hate how my body tenses up from being too cold and my teeth chattering. The only thing I like about winter is my birthday hehe :) and I get to wear scarves!! I love scarves and can't stop buying them. When I went to Korea 3 years ago I came back with a whole bunch of them. It looked like I just went shopping for scarves haha. It is a must-have accessory because it can dress up any outfit. And plus it keeps your neck warm :) I never use to wear scarves when I was younger but as I got older I need my neck to be covered. You don't understand what a huge difference it makes. When my neck is covered I definitely feel warm. Well a year ago I decided I wanted to make scarves since I buy so many so why not?. I went on YouTube and searched how to knit, crochet and loom knitting. It really isn't as hard as I thought. I mean I can only do basic patterns but I thought it was going to be a lot more difficult. Loom knitting is definitely the easiest and I can finish one in a day whereas knitting/crocheting would take me weeks! So I went to the craft store and bought a bunch of yarns and started making scarves. I sold a few last year to my coworkers and some of them bought one for a gift. I started making them again this year and so far I have 4. I also just set up my own ETSY shop to sell them. Go take a look HERE

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