Friday, November 04, 2011

I don't want to grow up I want to be a toys 'r us kid

Don't you sometimes want to go back to being a kid? Have zero responsibilities, play games and run around, take naps, watch cartoons, and have birthday parties and receive a lot of gifts. I do! haha
I went to my girlfriend's daughter's 5th birthday last week. My gf is known to go all out for her kids' birthdays and she definitely did. This was my first one to attend and I must say she puts A LOT of thought and effort into these. The theme was Strawberry Shortcake so she bought strawberry shortcake plates, pink and green forks/knives, printed out strawberry shortcake labels for water bottles, labels for strawberry soda, emptied out eggs and painted & glued felt so it'll look like strawberries, painted, came up with all these games, party favors for the kids, etc. I wished I was a kid that day haha. And the amount of gifts she received was crazy--I was jealous hehe...I never received that much when I was a kid.

the strawberry pillows she made

all the gifts

all the little kiddies

the strawberry egg filled with confettis

decorate your own cupcake

strawberry cake for the adults

the birthday girl

I'm definitely asking her to help me with my kid's birthdays when I have some kids later :)
She also makes diaper cakes for baby showers--I told her to sell them because she does such a great job on them--she's been thinking about setting up an etsy shop and I told her she should but she's being lazy. I have talented friends :)

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