Monday, September 26, 2011

MAC haul

I bought some stuff from MAC yesterday. Stocked up on my favorite eyeliner ever The Liquidlast Liner. Got a new blush color in Peaches, travel size eye makeup remover but got the wrong one--I need the one with oil in it but whatever and also got 4 mac eyeshadows in Mylar, beautiful iris, beauty marked and concrete. I love shopping for makeup even though I rarely use it now lol. I think it's an addiction :)


Jen said...

super cute haul ^^ Please do looks using the eyeshadows & the new blush~ Sucks to hear you purchased the wrong remover.. can you return/exchange it?

Tanya said...

Jen: Thank you doll~! :)
Yeah I'll try to do some looks. I've been meaning to do more makeup looks/tutorials but haven't really had time. I'm just going to use the remover--it's a travel size so I'll use it up real quick.

Riya~ said...

What a lovely haul from MAC. I can't wait to see some looks.