Saturday, September 10, 2011

Girlfriends Forever

Growing up I pretty much only had guy friends. I just never really got along or connected with girls and I could always just be myself and have fun with the boys. I have my very close group of guys who I've known for 10 or more years and they will always be my "boys". They know me pretty well and seen the worst of me. I did always have a problem when it came to my boyfriends or their girlfriends because my bfs in the past would hate the fact that I always hung out with guys and their girlfriends would feel threatened because I'm so close to their bf. It became a problem a lot of times where they couldn't talk or chill with me because they didn't want to cause any fights with their gfs.

Recently I realized that as I'm getting older I need girlfriends because boys will always be there for you but when it comes to who's more important it'll be their girlfriend and their boys then me. Which is very understandable so I have no problem when I don't hear from them for a long period of time. But girlfriends are different--every girl needs a solid group of girls that they can lean on or vent to or have a shoulder to cry on or just be there for you when you need someone. You need them to be able to do girly things with and have girl talks. I am finally happy and content with the girlfriends that I have. I am so blessed to have them in my life and we all went through some crucial fallouts but it only made us become closer. I have one friend I didn't talk to for probably 10 years. We had the biggest fall out ever and I honestly never thought I would become friends with her again. But after all these years she was the one who made the effort to talk to me again and at first I was very hesitant because of what happened between us so I had my wall up for awhile. Well we are tighter than we've ever been and it's like we were friends this whole time.

I have to admit I was a bad friend before. I was very selfish and didn't really consider other people's feelings and it got me no where. I went through friends like crazy and if I kept that up, I probably would've been all lonely and alone by now. I make the effort to be there and keep in touch with my girls. Friendships are just as hard as relationships and it takes two to make it work.

I did a lot of growing up in the past few years! :) Even though I stay home a lot we make an effort to meet up for dinner or whatever to see each other and catch up. I feel very lucky to have these girls in my life<3

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