Monday, September 26, 2011

Birthday's are always fun

It was one of my really close girlfriend's surprise birthday over the weekend. Her boyfriend who lives up in New York had help from her best friend to plan a surprise party for her with close friends. They picked Gazuza a hookah sushi lounge which is located in Dupont Washington DC. I've never been there so I wasn't sure what to expect. Hookah and Sushi in one place? o.O hmmm 
The plan was for everyone to get there by 10pm and them two would walk in at 10:15. Well they were running late and her bf couldn't really rush her because he didn't want her to think anything was weird when them two were just going to a late dinner. They ended up getting there at 11pm haha. So most of us just sat at the table in the hot sauna like room--sweating our asses off--drinking our cocktail while waiting for her. 

We ordered couple rolls while drinking and the sushi was actually pretty good. I'm a big sushi head so I'm pretty picky but this place was good.

We had a bottle which ended up getting killed in 30 mins or less--more shots after shots--and some hookah. Around 1:30am we ended up going to Kstreet Lounge where the birthday girl ended up getting hammered and blacking out hahaha. It was a good night esp since I don't go to DC or clubbing anymore. 

Birthday girl and I <3

<3 these girls

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Jen said...

Sounds like a crazy night! :) Those are always thee best of course!

Thanks for the sweet comment, Tanya! I'm definitely following you too! I honestly didn't think I would get so much love over the tattoo piece. There are those handful of people that are so judgmental, ya know? ): But I'm glad you're supportive and like it!

^___^ Love your blog and look forward to reading more posts!! <3