Sunday, July 17, 2011

Long Wearing Waterproof Eyeliner

Do you ever have problems with eyeliners smudging and not lasting all day? I could never use pencil even if it says waterproof because of my oily skin. It'll smear in an hour or two. My eyes will get all shiny and greasy so it's very hard for eyeliners to stay on. I used MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack for couple years and it worked a lot better than pencils. It stayed on longer and loved how black it was. Well I still had problems with it running on the bottom of my eyes so I'll look like a raccoon by the end of the day. The top stayed on pretty well for the most part but since my eyes do get oily I'll end up with some black on the middle of my eyes from the crease. I tried using waterproof liners but a lot of them dried like tape. I could just peel it off my skin and it looks shiny so looked so weird. After using the fluidline I finally found the perfect liner for me. It's MAC liquidlast liner in Point Black. This thing is long lasting, smudge free, won't flake and waterproof. I tried couple different colors on my hand and my girlfriend who works for MAC told me that it will not come off with just water and soap--you'll need eye makeup remover to take it off. Well I didn't really believe her so I just left on my hand and about 30 minutes later when we went to the restroom I washed my hands and guess what? It stayed on, still looking fresh--not even a tiny part of it came off. I was so amazed I bought it that same day! I went to the pool last summer with a girlfriend and went in the water came back out and it was still on--not even a smudge! She was so impressed that she went and bought one for herself. Since then I think I got most of my girlfriends on it! The same girlfriend went snowboarding over the winter and the liner stayed on all day while boarding, sweating and getting wet. Couple months ago I heard that they were being discontinued so I panicked and bought like 3 extras and couple more for my friends. Well it's been like 4-5 months and I still see it on the MAC's website so I'm not sure if they are or not. But this is my FAVORITE eyeliner ever!

Recently I found a way for it to stay on 12+ hours. For most people just using the liquidlast is enough but I need more. When I say I'm oily, I'm OILY! I'm not even kidding I am so greasy it's disgusting! After 30 minutes of applying makeup, my face is already shiny. UGH! So under the liquidlast I put on the MAC Technakohl Liner in Graphblack. It's a mechanical style pencil that is also long wearing and smudge free. By doing this, it also helps to apply the liquidlast a lot easier. It's kind of like coloring inside the lines. 

With just graphblack on.

After: with Liquidlast and mascara on.

What's in YOUR makeup bag??


Anonymous said...

Need to try this stuff. I have a problem with rubbing my eyes though which is probably doing the most damage to my eyeliner haha.

The mascara looks amazing -- almost looks like false lashes!

Tanya said...

Kelly: You should definitely try it. It's the most amazing eyeliner ever hahaha. It's just really hard to get off.
I use Nars mascara. I absolutely love it~! It's not a heavy one for our little asian lashes :) I put on like 4 coats of it tho.