Saturday, June 04, 2011


Awhile back I bought a Living Social deal for $10 to spend $50 on Vistaprint for business cards, postcards, notebooks, etc. I'm a sucker for these deals -- I didn't even need anything from that website but it just sounded like such a great deal that I bought it. I'm glad that I did because I ordered some stickers, notebooks, and a business card holder. I ordered 2 different stickers -- one has my blog's url on it so I can use it to wrap giveaways and another has my initials to wrap birthday packages or whatever other packages I want to send out. I love having notebooks even though I don't really need so many but it makes me feel important hehe :) I got a package in the mail today and guess what? Vistaprint shipped it early YAY! I love getting packages!

Sorry for the bad quality...I'm using my phone

They have all these awesome deals like 500 business cards for $10. Check them out HERE .


Arianne said...

That's great! They always have a deal at Vista Print. But I don't like how shipping sometimes cost more than the item that was discounted lol.

Glad you like it though!

Tanya said...

Arianne: Yeah, shipping fees suck but I included it in the $50. I can't wait to use the stickers! :)

Eunice said...

Wow, those are adorable. I love collecting dainty moleskins, journals, etc. =)

Btw Tanya, I gave you an award here for your fab blog. Thanks!