Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Butterfly Blog Award

I've been given this lovely butterfly award by Eunice of Laces and Tiaras. Thank you :)

The rule's simple. Mention and link the one who gave it to you, pass it on to 7 people, and write about yourself.

I'm passing this award to:

Suzi of Style Suzi
Ai & Mei of AiMei

Here's some random things about me:
*I'm 28 // born and raised in Maryland
*Favorite color is green
*I love anything with beauty, fashion and photography
*I have my cosmetology license and working as a hairstylist
*Love changing my nail color every 2 weeks // toes and fingers must match color
*Obsessed with Hello Kitty
*Is glued to my iPhone
*I love to travel and there's so many places I want to see
*Use to change my hair color like every month but now it's just back to my natural color
*Loved wearing colorful eyeshadows but now going for the more natural look
*I love to wine and dine
*Love watching CSI and Law & Order
*Everyday I need to check my emails, instagram, fb, and blog.
*Use to wear contacts but got lasik 5 years ago
*I have 6 tattoos // want to get rid of one and get couple more
*Use to love going out clubbing, getting dressed up and dancing the night away but now I'll rather stay in and drink a glass of wine while watching a movie :)
*I LOVE to eat and trying out different restaurants!

1 comment:

Eunice said...

Oh my, you have a cosmetology license! Lovely post btw.=)