Monday, May 16, 2011

Yankees Vs. Red Sox

Our Hotel bed

Went to the Yankees VS. Red Sox game Friday night at the Yankee Stadium in Bronx, NY with Jenny and Jun. Jun is a Yankee's Fan and Andy is a Red Sox fan so it was just funny to watch both of them look at each other whenever their team scored haha. They were suppose to bet on something but never did. Red Sox won that night, Andy was a happy camper :)

our amazing suite view

Yankee Stadium

Whenever I go up to NY I usually stay with a girlfriend to just grub and go out to have some drinks nearby. I don't go clubbing or do sightseeing but since Andy hasn't been in like 20 years we had a busy Saturday. I haven't walked around NY that much in years! My legs felt like it was going to fall off! 

Steak Sub at the game

cool looking bar area inside our hotel

 Visited the Museum of Modern Art

Went up to The Top of the Rock
Amazing view of the city



Delicious Pork Buns

In the Cab

Ground Zero


Anonymous said...

Cool pics! Is it a special camera or some sort of app? The food looks so good!

Tanya said...

It's an app. I used Leme Leme...Go DL it, it's pretty awesome. Also to combine more than 1 pic together I used photoshake.