Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Straightening Treatments

We offer two straightening treatments at our salon The Brazilian Keratin Treatment and The Japanese Straightening Perm. Let me explain the difference between the two.

The Brazilian Keratin Treatment is a conditioning treatment which eliminates frizz and about 60% of curls. So you'll still be able to wear your hair curly and wavy but also can get it straight with just a round/paddle brush and blowdryer. On average it will last 2-4 months but I've heard it lasting 6 months for some. It depends on how often you wash your hair and it is very important to use sulfate free shampoos. If the salon offers this service they will have the right shampoos and conditioners. *We use Lasio Keratin Treatment which has the lowest amount of formaldehyde 0.02%. I've used Marcia before for the treatment and blowouts and I know it can't be safe when it burns the clients & my eyes and I get dizzy from all the fumes. The company keeps lying saying there's no formaldehyde in them so I stopped using it. Lasio doesn't burn my eyes and I don't get dizzy when I smell the fumes.*

The Japanese Straightening is very similar to the BKT but it's permanent. Your hair will be stick straight with no curls. It'll be very smooth and silky. This will be great for someone who has very thick hair, tight curls and frizziness.

So when deciding between the two think about whether you want to wear your hair curly and straight but just want to get rid of the frizz and have manageable hair. Or if you want to just have straight hair so you don't have to blowdry or flat iron.

I know prices will scare most people because the BKT goes for like $300-$350 at most places and Japanese Straightening is about $500. Well if you live in the DMV area and would love to get either one of these I will give a discounted price for you. $200-$250 for BKT depending on the length and thickness of your hair. $350 for the Japanese Straightening. If you would like to make an appointment leave me a comment and I'll give you the number to my salon.

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