Monday, May 09, 2011

Leonard Fleur Mat-Fini Matifying Primer Review

I mentioned this primer in a post awhile back and said I would do a review on it. I am absolutely in love with this primer. My mama gave it to me last year saying she doesn't use it because she's not oily anymore. As she got older her skin changed from oily to dry so now she needs to use products that's moisturizing. Well anyways, she handed me this bottle to try. I was skeptical at first because I've tried so many different primers such as Nars, Smashbox, Katie B Cosmetics, and etc. None of them ever worked for me. 30 minutes later my face is a grease pan again so I gave up on it. Well I finally found the perfect one for me. I still get oily throughout the day (can't do anything about it, I'm just very oily) but not until hours later. I have very oily, sensitive, red, uneven skin tone, and acne prone skin. I break out very easily so I have to be careful about what I use on my face (still looking for the right cleanser & lotion), ugh it's a curse. Well I have a lot and I mean A LOT of acne scars on my face. I've done several laser treatments and it helped a little but didn't get rid of it completely. Since I have bad skin I hate wearing foundation (it clogs my pores) so I needed something under my concealer and powder to give me more of an even smooth finish.  After my moisturizer, I apply Leonard Paris Fleur Mat-Fini Matifying Primer, about 1 - 1 1/2 pumps.

It looks very similar to the smashbox primer. It is a silicone base that feels so silky and smooth on the skin. It fills in the fine lines and pores and gives you an even skin texture. It helps your makeup to last longer. Unlike the other silicone primers this one absorbs the oil really well. Like I said above, I would be a grease ball after 30 minutes with the other brands but this one I can go hours. Only problem is that it's hard to find. I've tried searching it online but can't find it anywhere which is very disappointing because I would love for everyone to try this amazing product. The only place I buy it at is Lotte, the Korean grocery store, in Ellicott City, MD. I haven't checked any other locations yet. So if anyone sees it anywhere please share. *Note: everyone's skin is different so it may work for me and not for you just like any other skincare/cosmetic products out there* Also, when it reaches the bottom nothing comes out of the pump. I know there's still a lot left in there so I'm going to find pliers and pry it open.

I decided to post up some before and after pictures and it's nerve-racking for me because I have never posted up pictures of myself with no makeup on. But I just wanted to show you my daily routine and pictures always shows best. 

Before: with moisturizer and primer on

I use the Misha Perfect Cover BB cream

With BB cream on

I use Jane Iredale Disappear Concealer, Laura Mercier Powder/Foundation, Laura Mercier Lip Gloss in Opal, Mac Bronzing Powder, and Nars Mascara.

I look so different with eyeliner on but I need it everyday since I'm so use to it. I feel and look like a different person without it. I wish I had perfect skin with big round eyes so I wouldn't have to wear makeup everyday. But we can't all be perfect.

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