Sunday, May 29, 2011

Before & After

Here's another one of my before and after pictures. 

If you remember back in December I had a post of Sissy's red hair. Well she was really busy with school and work and didn't have time to come see me for months so she had about 2 inches of regrowth and the red faded A LOT. She had like 3-4 different colors going on -- black, red, orange, orange-blonde and it wasn't pretty. She wanted to change it up a bit because lightening her hair was damaging and she wanted to get her hair back to a healthier state. She still wanted red in her hair so I recommended her to go about a level darker to even it out so we went with a medium red-brown and because of the previous lighter pieces she'll still look like she has highlights. I Love red on her, she can pull it off so well. As for her haircut, we haven't cut it in about 8 months and I suggested to chop off at least 3 inches to get rid of all the dead ends so it'll be healthier and it'll grow better. She love having her ends as thin as possible -- she has so much hair that i had to thin her hair out twice and we had enough to make 2 wigs on the floor and she still had enough on her head.  I also gave her some bangs but there's no pix of it because she had no makeup on that day and didn't want me to post it. She called me the next day to tell me how everyone loves her hair and couldn't stop complimenting her which put a big smile on my face. She works for MAC at Nordstroms so she sees a lot of people who asks about her hair everyday. 

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