Friday, March 04, 2011

fat piggy

I love cooking and trying to make new things. Ever since I moved in with my boyfriend, I live with 3 guys and all they ever eat is take out and microwave food so I try to cook for them as much as my wallet lets me haha. Last time I made them salmon with green beans, mushrooms, and cookies n creme cupcakes for dessert.

These boys rarely ever cook! They didn't even have a whisk in the house so there was a lot of stuff I had to buy and slowly the cabinets n fridge are filling up. This house needs a girl's touch and I'm working on it. The other day my bf made us lasagna because that's his specialty haha he's too cute.

Of course I had to add some sriracha to it :) it goes well with almost everything.

Last time I went to the grocery store I bought a whole pack of pork chops so tonight that's what I wanted to make. I've never made chops before so I had to google some recipes and tweek it a little. It was a little dry but overall I did a good job. I made some spinach dip for them to munch on while they waited on pork chops, green beans, and some extra cheesy mac n cheese. I made the basic mac n cheese but next time I'm going to try it with some truffle oil...YUM YUM! 

I made dinner for 6 and everything was killed!!! That makes me happy :D

I'm still full and can't move =/

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