Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birthday's are always fun fun

Two Saturdays ago on 3.19.11 we celebrated our dear friend Min's birthday. Min, Jane, Cameron, Tara and I got together and had dinner at Oya in DC. The decor inside is amazing! All white with beautiful chandeliers everywhere.

They have $35 dinner prix fixe so Jane, Min and Cameron went with that. Tara and I weren't too hungry because she was sick and I ate a really late lunch.

They started us off with these cute little mini breads

Jane's first course: Beef Short Rib Wellington

Jane's second course: Fish n' Chips

Min & Cameron's First Course: Curry Sea Bass Spring Roll

Cameron's Second Course: Scallops

Min's Second Course: Atlantic Salmon

Birthday Girl

Sorbet for Dessert

Tara's dinner: Baby Lamb Chops

My dinner: Scallop Roll & Rock n' Roll

After dinner we all headed to K Street Lounge where we got a table with Johnny Black, Grey Goose, and Champange. Oh, we also got a free bottle of another Johnny Black.

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