Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Before & After

My friend Julie brought in her friend Nhi to my salon today to get a haircut. She really really needed a haircut badly..her hair was so dry and damaged I couldn't brush through it but what really needed to be fixed was her color. Okie color 101....color does not lift color! If you have dark hair and it's not virgin hair you can not throw a lighter color on top thinking it'll go lighter. Yeah maybe in some cases it'll get a level lighter but it's unpredictable. Also if you dyed ur hair dark months back you have can't throw on a lighter color all over! The roots will come out the color it's suppose to which leaves you with bright roots n dark ends. Well that's what happened to Nhi. She had dark brown hair and wanted to go light brown so threw a box color on leaving her with bright warm medium brown roots and dark ends.
I did some chunky peek-a-boo highlights and chopped off about 3 inches, took out a lot of weight and texturized it like crazy!

I forgot to take a before picture =\ Also didn't have my camera on me so had to use my phone...can't really see all the layers.

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