Friday, February 25, 2011

Drink lots of water, Eat Well, and Dress Warmly

That would be me right now sick in bed. Had to call out of work at both my jobs today. UGH freaking sucks! It all started yesterday when my throat was hurting as soon as I woke up and it continued to be sore throughout the day. I was constantly freezing and knew I was coming down with something so I kept on eating and drank a lot of tea/water. I mentioned to my boyfriend earlier that I wanted some Yookgaejang (Korean spicy beef and vegetable soup) because I was craving soup all day and wanted something spicy hoping to clear up my sinus and ease my sore throat. I came home and he had already ordered take out at this korean restaurant by his house.

YUM! It definitely helped somewhat so I thought maybe it was nothing and I'll feel all better in the morning. Andy gave me some nyquil to take before bed and about 20 minutes later I started to feel a little drowsy and knocked out. He told me I was coughing all throughout the night. Woke up this morning with my whole body aching, freezing, and still coughing so I had to call out of work at the salon. I went back to bed and put my alarm to 4pm to see how I'll feel to work at the bar tonight but I still feel like crap and had to call out of my 2nd job too. :(:(:(

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